Can't get Carp tickets? No problem!

Good morning everyone,

It's raining outside already and they're calling for it to continue all day and for most of tomorrow. At least it should be a bit cooler. The next couple of days will see highs of 'only' 26C or 27C. Then, it'll remain cloudy for the rest of the weekend and through the beginning of next week (it is still rainy season after all)

If you're like me and can't get Carp tickets, fear not! Or are you living in Hiroshima but not a Carp fan? No problem!

All teams are welcome at Ayaka’s “Baseball Baka Bar”.

Tucked away down a narrow alley with a tiny Japanese-style doorway you have to duck under to enter, BBB is a baseball themed counter bar in the middle of the drinking district. Ayaka, who runs the place studied for a while in Nebraska in the U.S. and speaks great English, has combined her two great passions in life, baseball and booze, and created a welcoming space for fellow fans.

BBB interior

There are plenty of places in Hiroshima where you can go and watch live Carp games on screen, but BBB welcomes all fans of the game. You’ll usually find a couple of different games playing on screen simultaneously and the latest scores around the country are updated the old fashioned way, on a chalkboard. The banter is always good-natured and it’s a place where you can comfortable going by yourself or in a group. BBB is also becoming a popular drop in for overseas pros when they are in town for a game.

BBB rate

BBB score board

The wide drinks menu includes an original cocktail for every Japanese pro-team so you can drink your way through the Pacific and Central Leagues is you so desire. One interesting twist at BBB is that all of her prices are in U.S. dollars, so you should check Ayaka’s daily exchange rate to get a “ballpark” idea of what your bill will come to (if you are uneasy about waiting until you pay the check, just ask her what your drinks will cost). Customers are welcome to bring in their own food and she also offers a $30 all night all-you-drink deal during which time you are welcome to come and go as you please.

What do you think? Sound tempting? Maybe you can brush up on your English while you're there...

Have a great day!

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