Orizuru Tower

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With scenic views overlooking the Atomic Bomb Dome, the 14-story Orizuru Tower was completed on July 6 ahead of opening its observation deck from today to sightseers.

Orizuru Tower has a stunning feature--a chimney-like glass wall 4 meters by 50 meters running the height of the tower that is viewable from the building’s exterior.

Visitors will be able to toss their handmade origami paper cranes into it from the 12 floor with the aim of filling the entire space as a monument for peace.

It will take about a million paper cranes to fill up the “paper crane wall.”

However, the main attraction of the newly refurbished 13 storey Mazda Building, rebranded the Orizuru Tower, is the viewing platform on the top floor which overlooks views over the iconic A-bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, as well as offering views of Hiroshima Castle and the island of Miyajima.

orizuru tower

Designed by Hiroshima-based architect Hiroshi Sambuichi, who is also responsible for the shelter and viewing platform on the summit of Mt. Misen on Miyajima and Otafuku’s distinctive ‘Wood Egg’ building, it is constructed almost entirely of wood, reminiscent of a Japanese shrine and is open to the elements.

Owned by car dealer Hiroshima Mazda Co., the tower will house souvenir shops, offices, rental conference rooms and other facilities.

Orizuru Tower will have its official grand opening in September, but the observation deck and souvenir shops will be open from today!

Admission to the observation deck is Y1,700 for adults.

“We hope the tower will become a place for people to contemplate peace,” a Hiroshima Mazda representative said.

It looks like fun, but for Y1,700?! That's a bit pricey, don't you think? Tokyo Tower only costs Y900...

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