Will the Emperor abdicate?

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It's going to be sunny and warm for the next couple of days before we see rain again on the weekend. Then it should clear up and we can expect more nice weather from the beginning of the week. And, yeah, it's going to be hot...suck it up, it's summer in Hiroshima.

Did you hear the report that Emperor Akihito is considering 'retiring' from his position? Of course, emperors can't retire. It's referred to officially as abdicating. If he were to do so, the crown prince would become emperor and take over all of his official duties. I'm not Japanese, so I don't have any historical or cultural connection to the Emperor.
emperor akihito

What do you think the general feeling is about him stepping down?

I can say that he certainly seems to be slowing down in recent years and has been dealing with the occasional medical issue. And those are the ones that the Imperial household lets us know about. Call me cynical, but I suspect there are many other things that happen behind the scenes that are never passed on to the public. (Which, actually, I'm ok with. I don't think we need to know everything that goes on in the royal family members' lives)

While I don't know much about the Japanese Royal Family, it is possible to abdicate. It has happened before-and more than once. The last time was a couple of hundred years ago, but there is a precedent.

I still like the idea of him retiring. Because then, I'll never have to renew my driver's licence again. It says it'll expire in Heisei 31, but if the Emperor abdicates, the name of the era will change and Heisei 31 will never arrive, right? Ha ha! I wonder what he will do if he retires? What hobbies could he take up?

Seriously though, I wonder whether he will or not. And if he does, I wonder what the name of the new era will be? It has been Heisei the entire time I've lived in Japan. I don't think I can get used to another 'name'...how about you? What would you call it?

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