Ultraman turns 50 in Japan

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Ultraman is 50 years old this year (well, only in Japan, to find out his true age, keep reading). In fact, the first episode of Ultraman was shown on tv exactly 50 years ago today and he remains one of Japan's most popular heroes. Are you (or were you) an Ultraman fan? How well do you know him?

Ultraman is not your typical superhero
Ultraman is 40 meters tall and weighs 35,000 tons.

Ultraman’s parents have common names
Ultraman’s father’s name is Ken; his mother’s name is Marie.

Ultra heroes don’t need food
Ultra heroes have silver solar panel-like boards on their body, and acquire energy via the absorption of light and heat from the sun.

Ultraman’s time on Earth is restricted to three minutes at a time
The creators of Ultraman thought that tension would be created if the superhero had to defeat the Earth’s enemies within a limited time. They thought the number “three” would resonate with audiences because of its ties to daily life: a cup of instant noodles takes three minutes to prepare, baseball star Shigeo Nagashima’s uniform number was No. 3, a round of boxing lasts for three minutes, and so on.

The youngest Ultraman is 59,000 years old
Ultraman Zero is the equivalent of 18-20 human years old. The oldest superhero is Ultraman King, who is more than 350,000 years old — the equivalent of 90 human years.

The Ultra brothers aren’t actually brothers
The only Ultra heroes related by blood are Ultraman Leo and Ultraman Astra. The remaining nine are only brother-in-laws but are said to be as close as real brothers as a result of a shared willingness to save the Earth.

Nothing is stronger than a Super Ultraman
A Super Ultraman is created when five special Ultra heroes combine all their powers together.

Ultra Seven doesn’t possess a ‘color timer’
Ultraman possesses a “color timer” in his chest that functions as a warning light that changes color when he loses power in his battle to save the Earth. However, Ultra Seven was not supposed to come to Earth to fight the planet’s foes and so does not have a timer.

The waterfall that the Hawk 3 spaceship passes through after launching is not only made from water
Ultra heroes’ spaceship, Hawk 3, typically appears from a launching pad that is located behind a waterfall. Production staff, however, thought the model was too unstable when pushed through water and so decided to use a mixture of water and crushed sandstone instead.

Did you know all of those things about Ultraman? I didn't. I have an excuse though-I grew up watching different heroes...but, to be honest I don't know much about them either... 

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