Osaka...where you eat away your money

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If you want to know the weather forecast, check yesterday's blog. Today, tomorrow, the next day, the next...well, you get the's going to be exactly the same weather for the next week or'd better get used to it.

There's a Japanese expression that says 京の着倒れ、大阪の食い倒れ and is roughly translated as 'In Kyoto you overshop, in Osaka you overeat'. The Osaka part is associated with Dotonbori-an area in Osaka that is lined on both sides of the streets with restaurants of all sorts.

But to be honest, I don't really get it. I think it might be just a marketing ploy or something, because I didn't find the food that great. I had tacoyaki and kushi katsu and they were both...well, just ok...they certainly weren't bad. Of course I enjoyed them, but they weren't anything to write home about either. Maybe it's in reference to the massive mark-up on the food. Everything was so overpriced!

I did have one interesting food at the kushi katsu restaurant though-deep fried ginger.
osaka food beni shoga

It was a lot better than I expected, to be honest. However, my expectations were pretty low to begin with...ha ha!

In fact, the best food I had on the trip was at a gyu-tan shop called 'Rikyu'. It was great! If you're ever in a big city and just want to eat some good food that isn't insanely overpriced, head to 'Rikyu'. It's about Y1,700 for the lunch set, but it's well worth ordering. It's the juiciest, most tender beef tongue I've had in Japan.
osaka food gyutan

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