Getting ready for Mountain Day

Good morning everyone,

I don't know what I can tell you about today's weather that you probably can't already you think it's going to be hot? hazy? humid? If you chose 'yes' to all of those, then you can be a weatherman in Japan during the summer. It's that simple...ha ha!

The first holiday of the summer Umi no Hi, or Marine Day, has been enjoyed in Japan since 1996 as a way to give thanks to everything the ocean has to offer. But even though Japan is an island, there are several land-locked prefectures whose citizens feel that their geography has prevented them from making the most of this day off. This is why Yama no Hi, or Mountain Day, was created in May 2014, so that the eight prefectures without direct access to the sea could honor the nature around them. (That's not really the reason, it's just an excuse that someone cooked up to make sure that Japanese people had a national holiday in August and Mountain Day seemed as good of a reason as any.) Anyway, this August marks the inaugural Mountain Day and already some limited-edition items are being produced to commemorate the occasion.

▼ Like this limited-edition Cup Noodle cooker!

cup noodle 1

Released on July 20, this titanium Cup Noodle cooker is a camping and hiking accessory that belongs in any Mountain Day celebration. The cooker features a limited-edition color by way of a sleek green handle that pays tribute to the green mountains of summer. As the cooker is made of titanium, it’s extremely convenient and portable, which is sure to make it very popular with camping and hiking enthusiasts.

cup noodle 2

cup noodle 5

This isn’t the first titanium Cup Noodle cooker that has been released, but it will be the only one with this light green handle. The price for the Mountain Day cooker hasn’t been set yet, but a quick search on an online shopping site found the cookers selling for Y8,424, though that particular shop is currently sold out. Hopefully they’ll release a new batch — if you can get your hands on one of these, you’ll be able to celebrate your very first Mountain Day in Japan by filling the peaks and valleys with the gentle slurping sound of noodles. doesn't sound very enticing when you put it that way, does it?

And would you pay Y8,000 for that? Maybe I'm not enough of a mountain guy, but that seems like a lot to me. I swear I could probably find a steel can to cook noodles in at the Y100 shop...ha ha! I still haven't decided how I'm going to celebrate Mountain Day. Have you? What will you do? It's still a couple of weeks away, so you've got some time to make plans...

Have a great day!

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