Hey! Just what Hiroshima needs...another shopping mall...

Good morning everyone,

In case yesterday's weather wasn't clear, it's really hot. And it's going to be hot forever! (Or at least for the near future)

When you think about things that Hiroshima needs, what's at the top of your list? For me it'd be more bicycle lanes, some outdoor cafes, an extension for the Astram Line (Hiroshims's monorail system that's really busy and has remained incomplete for over 20 years). I guess we could use more places for kids to play at or a much more conveniently located airport would be nice. Personally, I'd like to see the walking paths along the river near my house get some attention (like how about planting some trees along it?). There are lots of things we could do to improve Hiroshima, but the one thing that wouldn't come to my mind is another shopping mall. I'm not anti-shopping malls or anything like that-but in the 10 years I've been living in Hiroshima, they've opened a mall in Minami-machi, Ujina, Gion, Hatsukaichi and are in the middle of doing a major expansion in the Fuchu mall as well. Not to mention there's probably one or two that I've missed...but no, apparently that's what we need...here's what I saw in the news this morning...

A new 55,000m2 shopping mall with around to 130 stores is to open in Nishi-ku next spring.

The development, led by local retail company Izumi, is in Shoko Center, barely 2km southeast of the Al Park shopping complex. The new mall is to be named LECT [レクト]  which stands for “Living”, “Eating” and “Culture”, plus “T” for “time” or “town”, whichever takes your fancy. The site features a play on the name with sections like “SeLECT”, “ReFLECT”, “ColLECT”


In addition to Izumi itself, two other anchor tenants are to be Kansai home and garden store CAINZ and Saitama based CCC (Convenience Culture Club) which runs Tsutaya.

It's really close to my apartment-it'll be less than 10 minutes by bicycle-but even still, I think Hiroshima would have been better served by building something other than another shopping mall...what do you think?

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