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It's going to be another scorcher. We're not expecting the mercury to fall below 34C any day this week. Keep a cold one nearby!

If you’re trying to figure out where to go or what to wear for your next summer date in Japan, we might be able to shed some light on the topic thanks to this poll!

The Japanese dating app Omiai recently surveyed 3000 women and men about their thoughts on dating in summer. The survey asked three simple questions:

1. Where do you want to go on a date this summer?
2. What would you like your date to wear?
3. Is it easier to find a date in summer?

Here are the results of where Japanese women said they wanted to go on a date this summer.

best s w

49.3 percent of women wanted to go on a date to see a “romantic fireworks show”. While 28.7 percent were keen to go to the aquarium to “feel cool by watching fish swim”. On the other hand, a haunted dating spot where couples could “feel scared together” only came in at 0.7 percent.

Here are the results of where Japanese men wanted to go on a date this summer.

Best Summer Date Spot (Men) 2

As you can see the results were very similar for men, with 46.3 percent wanting to go on a summer date to see fireworks. The aquarium came in at number two with 24.20 percent, but the beach, coming in at 11.90 percent, was more popular than going to a BBQ for men. Speaking from experience-BBQ's are fun, but a lot of work for the guys.

Seems pretty conclusive that a date to the fireworks is the most popular for both genders! Ok! Fireworks it is!

Next, here are the results of what Japanese women wanted men to wear on a date this summer.

best summer women

If you’re a man, it appears like it’s best to go with casual t-shirt and jeans for dating in Japan this summer, with 65.4 percent of women preferring this fashion. Well, if you like your men soaked in sweat...jeans are a good choice...I guess. I'll have to dig out my jeans...

Here are the results of what Japanese men wanted women to wear on a date this summer.

best summer men

And the winner is resort-style one piece dresses. Well, that’s what 34.7 percent of Japanese men want women to wear on a summer date, anyway. Next, at 21.9 percent, comes the short pants giving off an “energetic impression”. Perhaps these guys want to go for a jog on their date?

When it came to the question of whether people thought it was easier to find a date in summer, 61 percent of men and 51.1 percent of women answered that it was.

Looks like I'll have to dig out some t-shirts and jeans and then keep my eye open for a woman in a resort style summer dress to take to the fireworks this summer! Ha ha!

How about you? Do you agree with the best places to go for a date and what your date should be wearing?

Have a great day!

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