Banana Flurry at McDonald's-I'm going today!

Good morning everyone,

I was told that it would cool down a bit after the Obon holiday...well, that isn't happening this year. The forecast for the next 7 days is exactly the same as it was for the last 7 days-highs of 35C with humidity through the roof. I still haven't made it out for a run yet since rainy season ended...sigh...

August 7 was unofficial “Banana Day” in Japan – one of the many, many pun holidays in Japan that typically are celebrated when the digits in a particular calendar date can be manipulated to form some kind of play on words. January 5, for example, is “Strawberry Day,” as the digits 1 and 5 are pronounced “ichi-go” in Japanese (for “strawberry”). August 7 can be read as ba-nana, so it is Banana Day.


So, McDonald’s is offering a new limited summer edition of the McFlurry, the “Banana Tart McFlurry.”

Like any of McDonald’s selection of McFlurry desserts, the banana tart flavor starts with a soft serve ice cream base, but this version ups the ante with a generous helping of banana sauce and a crumbled graham cracker topping.


The limited treat will remain on sale until the beginning of October.

Finally, if you’re living in Japan, we’d be remiss not to point out that McDonald’s is holding a giveaway that will see one lucky customer per day receiving Y87,770. To enter the giveaway, just follow McDonald’s Japan’s official Twitter page, hunt down your favorite tweet about the Banana Tart Flurry, and retweet it with the caption “おすすめコメント” and “#マックフルーリーバナナタルト”. I really should sign up for twitter...

But, before I worry about twitter, I know where I'll be going for my mid-afternoon snack later about you? Does it look tempting?

Have a great day!

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