Winning a medal is worth how much?

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The less said about the weather, the's too hot to even move...

The Rio Olympics are in full swing and while there were a few teething problems to start with, it seems like the glory of the event is outshining any minor problems with the facilities. 

The glory of winning an Olympic medal is one of the highest honours in all of sport, and the financial rewards that come with it for some competitors aren't so bad either. Medal incentive programs have been around for quite some time, and the amount of money that some athletes take home for getting on the podium has grown to a very large sum in a number of countries across the world. The ultimate goal for all athletes competing in Rio this year is to win a gold medal for their country, but the payday that comes with it definitely differs from nation to nation. Here are some of the estimated Olympic gold medal bonuses from around the world. In case you're wondering, the CAD means Canadian dollars.

Singapore ($989,558 CAD)

Indonesia ($503,000 CAD)

Azerbaijan ($335,000 CAD)
Kazakhstan ($301,000 CAD)

Italy ($243,000 CAD)

France ($86,000 CAD)

Russia ($80,000 CAD)

Japan ($38,000 CAD)

USA ($33,000 CAD)

Canada ($20,000 CAD)

UK, Norway, Sweden, Croatia - No bonuses

Whoever is handing out those large bonuses in Singapore can breath easy, as none of their athletes have medaled yet in Rio.

And actually, the Japanese amount is much larger depending on what sport you do. In Japan, individual sports federations also pay bonuses on top of the one from the government. In Japan, it pays more to be a swimmer than a judoka. A swimmer can pick up an additional $300,000 from their club for winning gold. In judo, they don't get any bonuses-the coaches keep all of the sponsorship money for the clubs (and to pay themselves, I guess).

If I had known how much swimmers made, I would have practiced more when I was younger...there are no bonuses for English teachers at Urban English School...ha ha!

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