It seems a bit early, but I'm thinking of getting a McDonald's tumbler...

Good morning everyone,

Enjoying this weather? I hope so, because it's not going to change anytime soon. We're stuck with daytime highs of 35C for the next week or so...

I've bought about every flavour of Kit Kat I can find, so I think I'm done with souvenir shopping, but I may pick up one or two of these...

Right in the middle of the Rio Olympics comes a new range of “Victory Tumblers” to gear everybody up for the next games, which will be held in Tokyo in four years’ time. The three exclusive designs will be sold at outlets across Japan in limited numbers from 17 August, with customers able to choose from “City”, which includes popular landmarks like Mt Fuji, Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge; “Sakura”, which has a pink-hued cherry blossom theme; and “Checkerboard”, which incorporates the Tokyo Olympic Games emblem in its design, along with the words “Tokyo 2020” written in Japanese.

Maccas Tumbler

The 290mL capacity tumblers will retail separately with any purchase for Y490 each or they can be combined with a value meal set for Y990. As an official worldwide sponsor of the Olympic Games, the golden arches of McDonald’s appear on all the tumblers, along with the Tokyo Olympic Games emblem and the Coca Cola logo. While the designs on the “City” and “Sakura” varieties feature different images on the front and back, the “Checkerboard” version stays the same on either side.

Maccas Tumbler 2

These are bound to sell like hotcakes once they’re released so be sure to get in quick when they go on sale on 17 August. Even if stocks last, they aim to limit sales to the end of August, so they won’t be around for long!

I think these will make great souvenirs-because they're Japanese(ish) and cheap and unbreakable-how great is that! ha ha!

Have a great day!

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