Getting things done around the house...

Good morning everyone,

Did any of you get caught in the rain yesterday? I did. It wasn't much fun, but the good news is that I don't need to have a shower this morning...ha ha! There's still no end in sight from this heat and humidity. Well, technically there is for me-just 5 more days...and then it'll be gorgeous warm days and cool mornings that are perfect for jogging...

Well, jogging and completing the long list of chores that my mom has made for me to do while I'm home. These jobs include-but are not limited to-painting the window sills, trimming the trees, and re-carpeting my dad's fishing boat. It's a small price to pay for free room and board for a couple of weeks, right? All of you mothers who have adult children coming home for holidays shouldn't worry about what to do with your kids-give them some work to do around the house-trust me, everyone will be happy. You'll get some minor repairs or renovations done, they'll be able to kill some time and you'll all have some shared memories. It's a win-win for everyone.

Now that I think about it, I haven't had anyone over to my house for ages. But maybe I should consider it-after all, the balcony needs cleaned up and I really need to get the hood above my stove degreased. Oh, and the bathtub is starting to get a build-up of soap and is in dire need of a good scrubbing...

So, anyone want to come over? After your hard work, you'll be paid with beer and some great food...maybe chicken ramen...ha ha!

Have a great day

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