Sportsmanship at the Olympics

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Another 35C biggie, right? They're the status quo this year. It'll be bigger news when the temperature actually drops below 30C. I wonder when that will be? October?

It's hard to find things to write about at the moment-the news in Japan is dominated by the Olympics. I wonder how people who aren't interested in the Olympics are feeling at the moment? They're probably counting down the days till it's over. While I don't hate them, I don't get that crazy about them, to be honest. If I were being perfectly honest, while I love the Winter Olympics, I don't even follow them that closely. I check the results in the morning and then get on with my day.

But I don't want to be a big downer-there are always so many exciting moments when you can see sportsmanship at the games, that's what I love the most. I haven't heard that many examples this time around. Have you heard any stories about athletes helping and supporting each other during these Olympics, regardless of where they call 'home'?

The selfie taken by a couple of gymnasts-one from South Korea and the other from North Korea-was pretty cool. Although, it was funny to hear that the South Korean gymnast should have asked for permission from her government first-they have a law in South Korea about fraternizing with North Koreans....who knew that?

The story about a runner from the US encouraging a runner from another country to get up and finish the race after having fallend down was pretty cool too. To me that is what the Olympics should be about the most, not about counting how many medals you've won or not-although I must admit that I've got a little tired of reading about that American, because the US newspapers have blown it up to'd think that she had picked her up and carried her the last 100 metres, with the way they've gone on about it...ha ha! It's still a great story though.

Have you read or heard any stories about good sportsmanship this Olympics?

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