Gold rush for Japan in Rio

Good morning everyone,

If you thought the hot weather was breaking, I've got some bad news for you. It's going to be somewhere between 36C and 38C in Hiroshima for the next few days. If you weren't already keeping hydrated, I'd suggest starting now. After that...who cares!? I'll be on a flight to Canada...ok, just kidding. Depending on how optimistic you are, you could say it'll cool down because from Monday it'll only get up to 35C...only?

During these Olympics, I've avoided writing about the medals won by any particular country-whether it be my home country of Canada or adopted country-here in Japan. Mainly because of what I wrote a couple of days ago-focussing on medals too much makes people lose sight of what's really important-being a good sport.

But how could I ignore what Japan pulled off yesterday-winning 4 gold medals! That doesn't sound like much for countries like the US or China who do that on a daily basis at the Olympics (the US is up to 32 gold medals), but for Japan it's a pretty amazing feat! When the Olympics started, some commentator predicted that Japan would win 14 gold medals and I laughed at him...looks like I might be the one eating crow by the time the Olympics are over, Japan is now up to 11 gold medals! Can you pull off 3 more?! It might be difficult, but I'm no longer saying it's impossible. Actually, I'm secretly glad I didn't make any bets like this guy...
show in underwear
He said he'd do a show in his underwear if Leicester won the Premier League...they did...

I'm not that young...or in that good of shape, so there's no way, I'm making that about you? Have you ever made any bets like that, that you ended up regretting?

Have a great day!

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