Yonge Street

Good morning everyone,

How are things in Hiroshima? The morning was cool here yesterday, but it warmed up. It doesn't look like it's any cooler in Hiroshima, but it may cool down a bit on the weekend...it's only going to get up to around 30C. Is that cool? I have no idea, it still sounds pretty hot to me.

Have any of you ever been to Toronto? Have you ever walked down Yonge Street? Officially, it is recognized as the longest street in the world. I don't know if that is actually true or not, but I can tell you that you can find every manner of person in the world along Yonge Street. 

We saw gorgeous women who looked like models, business people carrying their Starbucks coffees on the way to work, tourists from all over the world...and...

the weirdoes...it's not like me to be judgmental and I'm sure that a lot of them have mental health issues, but man oh, man are there ever a lot of weird people walking along Yonge Street. You can find most of them in the area north of the Eaton Centre (which is awesome) and south of Bloor (which is the trendy nice area, kind of like a mini-Ginza). If you're not interested in seeing those kind of people, I'd recommend avoiding that area.

But, if you're looking for a nice, funky place to hang out, I'd recommend the distillery district. It's full of artisan shops, cafes, restaurants and lots of little shops and boutiques that you can pop into...oh, and they have a great gelato shop too! And then there was dinner...but that's another story.

Have a great day!

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