Shopping and souvenirs

Good morning everyone,

It was another gorgeous day here yesterday-it got up to 28C and was sunny most of the day. We got some rain overnight and now it's supposed to warm up to 28C again. I can definitely get used to this weather. As for Hiroshima, it isn't looking that great-it'll cool down to 27C after the weekend (with rain), but it'll be up to the mid-30s and humid again by the middle of the week.

We spent the morning doing some shopping...ok, to be honest, we spent the whole morning visiting every shop within a 20km radius...I was beat by the time we finally got back to the lake. I swear, we went to more shops in the morning than I've been to in the last month...ha ha!

After that, we popped into Harvey's for a nice burger-they've got the best fast food burgers in Canada. There are tons of 'premium burger shops in the city, but nothing out here in the boonies. Just the regular fast food ones...and, of those, Harvey's is the best.

Then, it was back to the lake for a lazy day, I took my dad's little golf cart out for a drive and swung by my brother's house and we went for a tour around the lake on his pontoon boat.

Then last night, I handed out most of the souvenirs I brought back from Japan-they were all well-recieved (thanks to everyone who passed on souvenirs for my parents!). Everything made it safe and sound-although they pushed my bag up to the weight limit. I think I hurt my back carrying them around...ha ha!

One thing for sure is, my bag is going to be a lot lighter on the way back to Japan.

Have a great day!

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