Good morning everyone,

It's looking like it's going to be another gorgeous day here in Ontario. How about Hiroshima? Hot enough for you? It looks like you might get some cool weather on Monday and Tuesday and then after'll be back up to 35C for the rest of the week...sorry...

Today, I'm off to visit my brother in the city-it's hard to believe, but it'll be the first time I've ever been to his house. Whenever I'm home, he always comes up to visit me-because, let's face it, everyone who lives in the city loves a chance to get away from it whenever they can. But, my parents figured it was time for me to actually make it down there-but secretly, I think they just want to go to the Keg. What's the Keg, you ask? Well, it's a Canadian steak house and it's a bit overpriced (but still cheaper than Japan), but it has really good steaks.

Yesterday, we went to a restaurant on a nearby Native Canadian reserve and the food was good-really good actually. It wasn't much to look at...but it tasted great! It was kind of like back in know how some people say the dirtier the ramen shop is, the better the ramen tastes? I'm not sure if it's always true, but it seems to be true sometimes. And it was definitely true this time!

As for the steakhouse...well, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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