Good morning everyone,

It's looking like a wet day for you in Hiroshima. And I guess it's going to be the same tomorrow. It's raining now here, but it's supposed to clear up soon and we can expect another nice day of weather.

It's the first day since I got home that I've had a chance to catch my breath-it's been non-stop visits with my friends and relatives since I got here. Don't get me wrong-it's been fantastic! It was great to see everyone, but this is the first day that I don't have any plans and it's kind of nice. I was going to head out for a run this morning, but with the rain, I'll have to hold off for a couple of hours at least.

So, what to do today? Any ideas?

I'm sure my mom is going to suggest going to visit one of my uncles today-the only one I haven't visited yet this holiday-but I may put the kibosh on that one. I'm thinking today is a good day to catch up on my reading. If the weather clears up this morning or after lunch, we can head out on the lake for a tour or to catch a fish or two.

After that, I may try to convince them to make the 25-minute drive into Owen Sound for some Dairy Queen...we'll see. Last night, my brother's girlfriend made a lasagna and it was great, but she made enough for a small army, so I'm thinking that we'll be having it for lunch and dinner too. It might be a good excuse to sneak into town for an ice cream...

Have a great day!

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