Amish Flea Market

 Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another great day here-we're expecting a high of around 25C and it's already warm enough to sit outside and have my morning coffee. It looks like you guys will be having nice weather for the next couple of days and then it'll cloud over, but at least it won't get too hot. It's going to be around 32C in Hiroshima for the next week or so.

Yesterday, it rained in the morning so we decided to head to an old factory that has been converted into a flea market. The bottom floor is the typical (mostly useless) stuff you find at those kinds of places, but the upstairs was amazing! There was so much handmade furniture that it took us almost an hour just to go through it all. I don't even know how to describe it in a way that Japanese people can imagine. The furniture was all solid wood-mostly what we call 'hardwood', like maple, ash, and oak. 

There were bedroom sets and dining room sets-and you could get the furniture unassembled and put it together yourself and you could even stain it yourself (stain is like a kind of coating for the wood to protect it, like paint but you can still see the grains in the wood). Of course, not everyone is so handy, so you can buy it assembled and stained if you like.

My dad was in heaven, I didn't think we'd ever get him out of there. They had sleigh beds, mission beds and 4-poster beds along with harvest tables (which are big enough for 8 people)...I know you won't know what most of those things are, you'll have to look them up online because I can't post pictures using my iPad...sorry.  But when you see them, you'll love them-and they were so cheap! I don't know why anyone would buy stuff from Ikea-it's basically the same price!

Have a great day! Go Carp!

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