Good morning everyone, 

It's a bit cooler today, but it's looking like it'll warm up again from tomorrow and now they are calling for highs in the mid-20s from Saturday and into the middle of next week. As for you guys in Hiroshima, you are looking  at unsettled weather for the whole week which is connected to the typhoon that is still headed your way. I hope that it doesn't hit Hiroshima!

Have I mentioned the word 'hangry' before? I didn't think of it as a real word before. But the other day I was out having a bite to eat and I heard a mother say to her daughter. "It's ok, your'e just hangry."

I'm sure you're thinking what the heck does hangry mean? Well, here's the situation, let's see if you can guess...

A family of 5 had sat down for lunch, there was mom and dad, a daughter who was probably around 15-16, a son who was maybe 10 or 11 and then another daughter who was nine-ish. They were sitting down for a late lunch (this is important) around 3. I guess they had been out at the CNE (it's a fall fair in Toronto) and everyone was a bit tired.

So, one of the younger siblings said or did something to annoy the older one and she snapped at them. Then she looked at her mom and said, "I'm so sorry. I don't know why I said that." Then the mom told her not to worry about it and that everyone's blood sugar was low and she was 'hangry'.

Well, can you guess what hangry means? It's that feeling you have when you're a bit hungry and it's making you irritable. You are hungry and angry, so you become hangry. How about you? Do you ever get hangry?

Have a great day!

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