Queen Street West

Good morning everyone,

The bad news is that the typhoon is still headed your way, but the good news is that it's losing strength. You can expect a windy and rainy weekend, but it shouldn't be dangerously so, having said that, you should still be careful this weekend. Yesterday was probably the coolest day I've had so far since I got here and it was still around 24C or 25C.

I met up with some friends for lunch and we spent the afternoon walking along Queen St. W. If you can see every kind of person in the world along Yonge St., you can see any kind of shop in the world along or near Queen St. Near the Eaton Centre is the fashion district-but not 'high' fashion. You won't find any Gucci or Chanel shops along here. The street is lined with younger, trendier clothes and then, as you travel west, you'll run into Chinatown and Kensington Market, which are great for finding cheap souvenirs or hip fashions. 

As you pass Chinatown, you'll start seeing more restaurants and cafes mixed with slightly dodgier shops (I saw at least 3-4 shops selling marijuana-even though it's still technically illegal) selling knock-offs and used clothing. 

After that, well, there isn't much to see on Queen St. if you go west of the 900 block. It isn't that there's nothing there-it just becomes less trendy and you'll start to see more residential neighbourhoods and fewer funky shops. 

All-in-all, it's definitely worth a walk down Queen Street if you're in Toronto and want to take a walk and explore an area that may not be in the guidebook (or it might be, it's pretty famous).

Have a great day!

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