Good morning everyone,

Looks like things are starting to finally cool down weatherwise in Hiroshima-the highs next weekend will actually be below 30C. I can't believe it's taken until the second week of September to see that. Here in Canada, the weather is still awesome! It's going to be around 30C today, but without the humidity. The rest of the week is looking a bit cooler with highs in the mid-20s and we may see a thunderstorm tomorrow or Wednesday.

So, last night (more like late afternoon), I went out for a bite to eat with my friends. We went to St. Louis (pronounced lui) Bar and Grill. I'm sure I talked about this place last time I was home too. They've got the best wings in Toronto, so if you are craving chicken wings, it's the place to go.

Anyway, when the place first started, they didn't serve much beyond wings and ribs and beer. Now, they've got a full menu. It's mostly junk food though, but it tastes good!

But last night I was shocked to see a couple of new items on the menu. One was deep-fried pickles. That's right. They took a dill pickle, cut it in slices lengthwise and deep-fried it. I had to try it, right? It was pretty good. Not great. But interesting. They also had deep-fried mac and cheese. So macaroni and cheese (often called 'mac and cheese') is macaroni noodles cooked with a cheese sauce. Then they wrapped it in bacon, breaded it and deep-fried it. Sorry, but there is no way, I was trying that. It sounds disgusting. I love bacon. I love mac and cheese. But putting them together and deep-frying them?! That's just wrong...I wasnt tempted at all.

How about you? Have you ever seen a new dish made out of food you like but just seemed wrong when they were together? It might be a North American thing. Because we don't have a traditional food, it's easy for us to mix things together to try new foods all the time. Some of them are a huge success (like chicken wings and hamburgers) others not so much....

Have a great day!

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