Shopping at Keady

Good morning everyone,

It looks like both Hiroshima and here will be mirror images of each other. It's supposed to get up to 31C with mostly sunny skies and a chance of afternoon showers. You guys will have a high of 32C and everything else will be the same.  It's looking like Friday and Saturday will be the nicest days of the week in Hiroshima. There might be a bit of rain on Sunday when I arrive...hopefully not, I hate landing at Hiroshima Airport at the best of times...

So, we went to the Keady Market and it was pretty cool. The vegetables were so cheap-there was a bushel of sweet peppers for only $12. A bushel holds about 25-30 peppers and they're about double the size of a pepper we'd buy in Japan. I suppose you're wondering what someone would do with all those peppers-well, this is the time of year when Canadians make preserves. (preserves are like tsukemono-they're vegetables that are prepared with salt, vinegar or oil and kept in jars to be eaten throughout the winter-from back in the day when people couldn't get vegetables so easily in the winter) 

But you could tell it was fall, as most of the vegies were fall ones, like corn, squash, beans, and pumpkins. Of course there were some other vegetables and fruit as well. And there was a lot of other stuff too-there were antiques and lots of other neat stuff too. 

Actually, my mom insisted on buying  something, so I got a new Blue Jays baseball cap. It's pretty neat-I'll see if I can find a picture of it online and post it when I get back to Japan (I can't add pictures with my iPad).

Today will be a lazy day here, we may head out on the boat for a tour around the lake and...well, that's about it...we're not very exciting here...ha ha!

Have a great day! 

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