Getting fat in Canada

 Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another gorgeous day here in Canada. We're expecting a high of 25C with no humidity. Back in Hiroshima, the weekend is looking not bad. It'll be sunny and hot on Saturday and then cloudy on Sunday, but it's not expected to rain till the beginning of the week.

Today is my last full day home and I'm heading back to Japan tomorrow. I've been here for about 2 1/2 weeks, so I think it adds up to around 16 or 17 days word of a lie...I've had 13 meals, at least, on the bbq.

It's so fantastic! Every day is a chance to have something grilled...I've had chicken, steak, burgers, sausage, ribs, beef brisket, bacon, vegies...pretty much anything you can think of other than seafood (no one in my family is a big seafood fan). And not only one meal a day, but sometimes two and one day we had breakfast, lunch AND dinner on the bbq. My mom is happy because she doesn't have so many dishes to clean and my dad is happy because I do all of the grilling. And I'm happy because it tastes so good!

The only person who won't be happy is my doctor when I get back to Japan and do my health check...that won't be fun at all...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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