Manga isn't a good source of knowledge about Japan

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Learning about Japan from manga, you know, sometimes it's important to remember that it's just a are some things that we often see in manga that just aren't true in Japan.

-High school students that live alone
Is this even legal? It never happened when I was in school. Have you ever seen it in Japan?

-The authority of the student council
“I am the Class President and I run this school!” That doesn’t really happen. Students are usually too focused on other things like sports, homework, playing video games to even notice the student council

Big ribbons on your head
This is an instance of an idea that looks really good on paper (literally), but not in reality. But, who knows — maybe it’ll eventually become a real fashion trend...

-Naps on the school roof
Japanese schools are run with at least a little authority. If you’re taking a nap at school, it’s probably on your desk...

-Good-for-nothing guys that are somehow popular with the ladies
Sorry, boys, this isn't true. The reverse also applies for the girls. I suppose this is one of those instances where manga is an outlet for wishful thinking.

-Good-looking guys whose faces still look beautiful no matter how many fights they get into
Well, it happened with me...ha ha!

-Teacher: “Hello, this is our new student. Please get to know them. Oh, your seat? Just take that empty one over there.”
For the most part, Japanese schools have completely full classes. What’s more, class sizes are usually pretty large. If there’s an empty seat in your totally full classroom, you might want to be a little worried.

-Running with a piece of toast in your mouth, saying, “I’m late! I’m late!”
This is one of those iconic manga and anime moments that most of you probably know doesn’t happen already, but it’s still funny to think about.

-Hitting someone so hard they fly into the sky
The most air you can get with a punch in real life is maybe one or two feet off the ground.

These are just a few things that made the list. It just goes to show that while manga is a form of media that can offer some insight into some valuable aspects of Japanese culture, there are some things you should take with a grain of salt. How about you? Have you noticed anything that doesn't really represent school life?

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