iPhone 7 is here...ho-hum

Good morning everyone,

If you believe the weatherman (and I don't always), we're going to see rain every day for the next week...now, I know that there is a typhoon headed our way on Tuesday, but really!? Are we having a post-summer rainy season or something? Highs all week will be in the high 20s.

I had never planned it, but over the past 6 years, I always got the new iPhone when it came out. Either I was switching from my old flip-phone to a smartphone, or the battery was dying, or my provider was changing their policy, so it was actually cheaper to get the newer phone. Whatever the reason, I always got the newest one.

They've just released iPhone7 and...well, there are a few upgrades, but nothing that will 'wow' you. The camera in the iPhone7 is a bit better, but if you buy the larger one-the iPhone7 plus-the camera has been really upgraded. If you're a budding photographer, that might be enough to tempt you to buy the new one.

It's now waterproof. Yep, you can drop it in a bowl of ramen or in the toilet and it'll still work fine. That's a pretty cool upgrade, I must admit.

The biggest change is the headphone jack is gone. That's right-you'll either have to use the ones included with the phone that connect through the lightning port, use a bulky adapter to connect your old ones (meaning no charging and listening to music at the same time) or fork over the cash for a pair of wireless ones...

Also, the 'home button' is gone. Well, it's still there but, no more 'clicking' on the button. You just press it and it'll vibrate to let you know it's been activated instead of getting that satisfying 'click' feeling.

In Japan,  you will now be able to use it to pay for things at convenience stores. We've been able to do it in Canada and the US for a while now. Why not in Japan? Who knows? But now we can!

The verdict? It's a solid upgrade over the iPhone6, but nothing earth-shattering. Next year's smartphone is expected to be a bigger deal -- after all, it'll be the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. If you can put up with your existing phone for a year and promise not to fall in the pool, it's worth waiting.

Have a great day!

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