I'm from...where?

Good morning everyone,

Wow! That was a lot of rain we got last night...but the scary part for me is that we've still got a typhoon coming in a couple of days. Put them together and that's a lot of water to fall which will increase the odds of landslides. So, be careful if you're living in the hills. We won't see the sun again till the typhoon passes...maybe Friday, but they're calling for Saturday.

I saw this picture and it made me laugh, so I though I'd share it with you. If you're the type of person who's easily offended, stop here. The picture is meant to be satirical-which means it's funny because there is a grain of truth to it although it is exaggerated to the point of being funny.

Is this exaggerated? Sometimes I don't think so. It really seems like this represents the view of the world of a lot of Japanese people. There's Japan and then there's Asia (which Japanese people do not consider themselves part of) and in Asia there is China, North and South Korea and...a bunch of other countries and then there's this one big country called 'Gaikoku'. That's where I'm from! Ha ha! Apparently, we don't have 4 seasons, we always wear our shoes in the house and we don't know how to slurp when we eat noodles...ha ha!

You can sometimes see companies touting that their products are better than 'gaikoku' made products or we'll hear people say that it's dangerous in Gaikoku. I often hear people say things like there are too many gaikoku people in Japan, but then they'll say...oh, not like you Jerry. The other ones...you know, from Asia. No joke-I've heard this. What do I say in response? Yeah, those Asians are crazy, eh? (remembering that Japanese people aren't Asian in their minds...ha ha!)

Anyway, I hope the examples and the map of the world made you laugh or smile...if it offended you, well, don't be so thin-skinned! You have to admit that it's not that far from the truth.

Have a great day!

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