Wanna' make something popular for tourists? Use green tea

Good morning everyone,

The typhoon is here and it doesn't seem to be bringing anything to Hiroshima except a fair bit of rain...so, many of us will have a wet commute this morning. But that's about it. It should pass by the afternoon and we're even looking at some sun tomorrow! Wow! Can you believe it? Then, it's back to overcast for Thursday and Friday before we see the sun again on the weekend.

Doesn't it seem like you can find almost anything dipped in, covered with or made of green tea these days? Now, I love green tea. And I think most people will admit that it has a lot of health benefits, but these days it seems like businesses are just using green tea to hopefully sell stuff to tourists.

Today alone, I saw two new products made of green tea...

Lip Balm


The product is being sold by well-known Kyoto tea maker Gion Tsujiri, and it contains premium matcha green tea called Kento no Mukashi (a nostalgic and poetic name which can be roughly translated as “looking but to the foundation of an ancient capital city”).

The lip balm is made in collaboration with soap manufacturer Kyoto Shabon-ya, an outfit known for products made from carefully selected natural ingredients. And since the item comes from Gion Tsujiri, a tea maker founded in the famous tea-producing region of Kyoto’s Uji City over 150 years ago, they’ve naturally used quality tea to make the lip balm. Kento no Mukashi, which they’ve used in this case, is a premium powdered matcha tea that they released back in 1994 to celebrate the 1,200th anniversary of Kyoto’s foundation as a capital city. And just how “premium” is this tea? Well, just 40 grams (1.4 ounces) of the matcha costs 6,480 yen (US$63), so that should give you an idea. Blah, blah, blah...do you see what I mean? It's made with green tea! And not just any green tea! Special green tea! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! It's only $16.00...for lip balm...no thanks! Ha ha!


Macha Covered Strawberries


Now they sell these at Muji Rushi...yep, the new candies are a variation on Mujirushi’s white chocolate-covered strawberries, its best-selling sweets. This time, though, powdered Uji matcha, Japan’s most prized variety of tea, is mixed into the white chocolate, giving an eye-catching color and refreshing bitterness to the covering of the freeze-dried strawberries.

The green tea strawberries carry a slight premium, costing 300 yen compared to the regular white chocolate’s 280 yen.  I don't know...they might be kind of cool to have at Christmas, (because their red and green-two colors we associate with the holiday). But are they tempting for you? I'm sure they'll be big sellers at the airport (I know I'll be taking them to relatives next time I head home), but do we really need another green-tea flavored sweet? If you don't believe me-go to Google and type in 'green tea chocolate'...then you'll know what I mean...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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