Nothing in the news today...

Good morning everyone,

It looks like we are going to have some nice sunny weather today and it won't be that hot either. It's a great day to go for a run...or not. And then, it looks like it will rain tomorrow and be overcast on Friday before clearing up for the weekend. Highs all week will hover between 27C and 30C.

It's official. The population of people over 65 in Japan is now the same as the entire population of Canada. No, I don't really think this is big news either. It's more like an interesting tidbit of information. Like finding the world's oldest fishhook (which they did in Okinawa the other day). However, I just couldn't find anything interesting in the news to talk about today.

Yesterday's typhoon was a non-story (in Hiroshima anyway) and the biggest news on the web is about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorcing. Yep, they are getting divorced. They've been together for about 12 years but finally got officially married a couple of years ago in France. Now, they're ending their marriage because Angelina is worried about his anger issues and use of alcohol around the kids...see, that's all I could squeeze out of that news. I am just not that interested in what celebs are doing...

What else? Well, the terrorist in the US was found sleeping in a doorway and captured...

See...there's just nothing to write about, is there? There was a story about why people aren't playing Pokémon Go as much that news? In case you were wondering, the number one reason is that it was too hard on their batteries.

And...well, the continuing saga of the water problems at the proposed Toyosu fish market. But that isn't new news. It's been in the news for a while now. Heck, I remember reading about it when Ishihara was still the governor...ha ha!

Well, have a great day and I hope that there is something to write about tomorrow...otherwise I might start playing Pokémon Go...

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