Congrats to Goeido on winning the Fall Basho

Good morning everyone,

The forecast isn't looking nearly as good as it was yesterday. They were originally calling for the same weather today as yesterday and then cloudy skies tomorrow. Now, it's cloudy skies today and a chance of rain tomorrow...I guess I'll be doing my laundry today after all...Tuesday will be nice and then the weather will be unsettled again. Is it just me, or is this September a bit wetter than usual?

So, with Hakuho injured, it was a chance for Kisenasato to step up and win this sumo tournament and possibly earn promotion to yokozuna...but after losing on the very first day, his chances were pretty low. However Goeido-an ozeki (the second highest ranked wrestler behind yokozuna) has been on a great run this tournament. In fact, all he has to do today is beat Kotoshogiku and he will win the tournament with a  perfect record! At the moment he is 14-0 and honbasho (the tournaments which are held 6 times a year) are 15 days long because they always begin and end on a Sunday. There are other tournaments during the year, but those ones don't affect wrestlers ranking and are called hanabasho.

Anyway, back to Goeido. This will be Goeido's first Emperor's Cup and he has done it as a kadoban ozeki. Any fans of sumo will know that a kadoban ozeki is one who is in danger of losing his rank. Because ozeki are the second highest rank in sumo, there is an expectation that they will always have a winning record (at least 8 wins out of 15 days). If an ozeki has a losing record two tournaments in a row he will be demoted. Goeido had a losing record last tournament and if he had had one again this time, he would have been demoted, ozeki wrestlers in that position are called 'kadoban'.

If he manages to win today, he will be the first ever kadoban ozeki to go 15-0 while winning the Emperor's Cup. Good luck to him!

Will he get promoted to yokozuna next time if he wins again? That's generally the guideline that the sumo association goes by, so it's likely that he will. But it's not a shoo-in. Having been kadoban the tournament before will hurt his chances as well as the fact that Hakuho wasn't there to stand in his way and he's winning his first tournament at the age of 30 (which is getting up there in the sumo world).

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves-congratulations again to Goeido on winning this tournament and I hope you can win today and go 15-0!

Have a great day!

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