Wait, is it still sushi?

Good morning everyone,

Yeah. About that rain yesterday-wth?! I'm so glad that I decided to come back early from Al Park, because otherwise my laundry would have been drenched. And, it's looking like it's going to rain again today...then it'll be nice tomorrow before the rain returns on Wednesday and lasts all the way through the week. This is not normal, right? September usually isn't this rainy, is it? I swear that we've got more rain this fall than we did during rainy season.

Luckily I decided to go out for sushi early to beat the rush. It was the first time I'd had sushi since I came back from my holiday and it was great!

I'd heard about the trend of women leaving rice behind to cut down on the carbs, but it was my first time to see it firsthand.

In Japan, children are taught that “Every grain of rice has seven fortune gods,” so leaving behind even one grain at the end of a meal is considered rude and disrespectful.

Still, that appears to mean nothing to body-conscious young women these days, as they choose to ditch the extra carbohydrates from the rice, preferring to fill up on the low-calorie toppings instead.

According to a Japanese media report, out of all the well-known sushi restaurants in Japan, only one – Hamazushi – offers sashimi on their permanent menu. While other popular chains like Kappa Zushi, Genki Sushi, Sushiro, and Kura Zushi might offer sashimi as part of special campaigns from time to time, it’s not always possible to order sushi without rice. With so many precious grains going to waste as customers try to watch their waistlines though, it might be time for kaiten restaurants to rethink their menus.

Have a great day!

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