Finally! Kit Kats we can call our own!

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be a hot, sunny day today with a high of around 30C. Tomorrow will cool down a bit and then we can expect rain and cool weather on Saturday and maybe Sunday as well. I'm excited about the cool weather, but can do without the rain...thank-you.

Everywhere you go in Japan, you can find a flavour of Kit Kat dedicated to the local area-from wasabi to apple and green tea (which is now found everywhere). But we never had one in Hiroshima City...

Until this week that is.


Kind of boringly, so far, Hiroshima Prefecture’s sole offering has been a type of citrus fruit blend. That’s all changed.
Until Okonomiyaki flavour comes along you won’t get a more Hiroshima flavour than Momiji-manju – those little maple leaf shaped cakes filled with sweet bean paste, chocolate etc that are sold all over Miyajima. And while Okonomiyaki flavour would appeal to Kit Kat fans who like to live on the edge, this one could be good...

So, how is it?

Not that great, I’m afraid. I have two issues with this Kit Kat.

1. It doesn’t particularly taste of what it’s supposed to. It just has that overly sweet taste that a lot of novelty Kit Kats seem to. It’s quite nice, just a bit dull. The purple wafer meant to represent the bean paste doesn't have much's ok...still, it's great for a souvenir!

2. This Kit Kat’s biggest crime, however, is that it's not separated into 'fingers' the way Kit Kats are supposed to be. That's like tourists pouring soy sauce on their rice, Kit Kats that can't be broken apart aren't really Kit Kats. This one has a poorly rendered momiji maple leaf on it that means you can’t break it apart. Even if you want to.

So, Momiji Manju Kit Kats get an 8/10 for originality and a 5/10 for niceness.

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know these Kit Kats are available all over the region as far as I can tell. Try one and let me know what you think!

Have a great day!

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