Boys of October

Good morning everyone,

The fantastic weather is going to continue this week-it's going to be mostly sunny with practically zero chance of rain, mornings and evenings will be cool and the daytime high will be around 23C or 24C. What more could you ask for?

Oh! I know! How about playing meaningful baseball in October!?

Yesterday was a great baseball day for me. The Toronto Blue Jays-they play in the Majors, but most Japanese fans don't know them because they're not one of the big-spending teams-beat the Texas Rangers to knock them out of the American League Divisional Series (ALDS). Not only did they beat them, they swept them (a sweep is when a team wins the series without losing a single game). The Rangers had the best record in the American League this season and the Blue Jays went into Texas and beat them both games there before closing out the series at home in front of 50,000 screaming fans.

There is a bit of bad history between these two teams-they played against each other in last year's ALDS too. That time, it took the Jays 5 games to knock them out. This year, it only took three. Now, they will have a couple of days off to rest before meeting the winner of the Boston/Cleveland series, which Cleveland leads 2-0.

Also, closer to home, the Baystars won the right to play our hometown heroes in the Central League Climax Series. It's very confusing for the fans to give the two stages of the Climax Series the same name, isn't it? I wish they'd come up with two different names. Also, 'climax' has a kind of sexual meaning, so it isn't the best name to begin with...anyway, the Baystars are now on their way to Hiroshima to meet up with the Carp, who have been waiting for them and will now play the next 6 games (if necessary) here in Hiroshima to decide who will move on to the Japan Series. Let's hope the Carp can play as well at home during the playoffs as they did in the regular season. If so, they should be able to put the Baystars away in 4 or 5 games. I wouldn't expect a sweep, but it could happen...

Either way, I'm pretty excited to be able to watch both my home team back home and my home team here in Japan play some playoff baseball! 

Go Jays! Go Carp!

Have a great day! 

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