Congrats to the Central League Champ Carp!

Good morning everyone,

Hey Mother Nature-thanks a lot for the continual crappy weather on my weekends...I really appreciate runny in either rainy weather or hot, humid weather. it's so much fun! (That is what sarcasm looks like...ha ha!) So,'s going to rain today and tomorrow but hopefully I'll be able to get a run in today before the rain begins and tomorrow after it ends. Tuesday should clear up and warm up and it looks like it'll be great weather all week next week.

When the Carp clinched the Central League title back in September, I didn't get that excited. It wasn't because I wasn't happy for the Carp...I was. It was a nice accomplishment and here in Japan, winning the regular season title gives the team a huge advantage in the playoffs. They get homefield advantage, which is big. But it's not like back home. Back home homefield advantage means you get to play one extra game at home. Here in Japan, you play ALL of the games at home. And if that wasn't a hard enough obstacle to overcome for the other team, the regular season league leader also gets a one-game headstart.

But they still weren't the Central League Champions until they beat the Baystars. In my mind, the team that represents the Central League in the Nippon Series is the Central League Champion.

So, last night the Carp eliminated the Baystars and we can truly call them the Central League Champions. Congratulations Carp! After the Carp scored 6 runs in the first inning, I thought it was going to be a blowout, but the Baystars rallied back and the final score was 8-7, so it was a bit of a nail-biter right till the end.

I've already entered the lottery for tickets for the Nippon Series...hopefully I'll get a ticket! Actually, I want to get 4 tickets-I'll sell 3 of them and pay for my rent for a year...ha ha! And I'll still get to enjoy the game!

Seriously though, I can't wait for next week when the Nippon Series begins. I don't even care which team they play-it can be the Fighters or the Hawks...whichever one we play against will be exciting!

Have a great day!

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