Good morning everyone,

It looks like the rain has stopped and today is going to be merely cloudy instead of rainy. Tomorrow will see the mercury jump up to a high of 28C! If you're like me and think that's a bit hot for mid-October, don't worry. By Sunday, it'll be back down to daytime highs of 22C or so.

Did any of you get caught in the rain yesterday? Actually, it started a bit later than I thought it would, so I was ok. By the time I was going to bed, it was pretty raining pretty hard though. If I had been out in the rain, I would have been prepared if I was wearing these...

A couple of years ago, a lot of women were wearing cute rubber boots, but nothing was quite so cute as these! The long Orange Cake Boots retail for Y28,000. That seems a bit pricey to me, but I have no idea how much women usually spend on rubber boots. When I was growing up, we had at least a dozen or so pairs of rubber boots around, for when visitors/family members came by and you could have bought all of them for less than the price of one pair of those boots! Ha ha!

Of course, they weren't quite as cute...

black rubber boots

They still worked though!

Anyway, back to the boots at hand. They look delicious, don't they? The design features an extra serving of delicious orange slices, with the base colour resembling a warm, cooked cake surface. It’s the perfect way to brighten up a dreary, rainy day. Although with fruit as realistic as this, you might want to keep some oranges nearby to stop yourself from licking your boots! And, well...that would be just weird, eh?

If you're not that keen on spending Y28,000 for a pair of rubber boots...or if you prefer something a little shorter. They do have “Orange Cake Short Boots” which retail for Y10,800. The juicy-looking sliced oranges have been carefully arranged around each boot to enhance the realism and give them an aesthetically pleasing finish.


If you want to add some zest to your shoe collection, head over to the Fake Food Hatanaka store, where the boots can be ordered online for shipping all over Japan...or even around the world.

And, yeah, it isn't really raining today, but it's grey enough that a pair of boots like these are needed to brighten up your day!

For me, I have to work the next three Mondays...I might buy a pair to cheer myself up even though it isn't raining at all...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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