New McFlurry is here...and it:s great!

Good morning everyone,

It turned out to be a pretty warm day yesterday, actually. Today and tomorrow will be somewhere around the same-27C. It'll cool down bit by bit over the week and by the time Sunday rolls around, the daytime high will only be 21C. Other than a chance of rain on Saturday, the weather is looking pretty nice though.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s Japan released a teaser for their next limited edition menu item, asking customers to choose which Pompompurin menu item they thought would make it to their menus in October. It turns out it was the McFlurry that was released. It features Sanrio’s delightful beret-wearing cream-coloured golden retriever. It made me wonder what flavours to expect from a character styled in the shape of a “purin” Japanese-style crème caramel pudding. I stopped by for a taste of the treat and wasn't disappointed.

Once it was served, I had to admit that it was the cutest looking McFlurry I’d ever seen!


Not only was his bright yellow face smiling out at us from the outside of the tub, there was also an adorable little mini version of the character on the side, dressed up as a McDonald’s staff member.


Peering inside, I could see the McFlurry was going to be as sweet as the character that inspired it, with swirls of caramel sauce and a generous topping of mini marshmallows.

I scooped out a spoonful of the thick ice cream, which was absolutely loaded with different taste. The first mouthful was filled with caramel flavour, which was bitter on its own, but delightfully sweet when combined with the vanilla ice cream. The tiny little marshmallows provided a lovely chewy element to the soft dessert, while also giving it a pudding-like texture, which made it taste very similar to a “purin” Japanese-style crème caramel.

The custard sauce it contained was barely noticeable, but it worked well to give the McFlurry a luxuriously rich flavour. Which meant that the icy cold dessert was sweet, but it also had a depth of flavour that both adults and children will love.

On sale for a limited time only, this unusual McFlurry is worth every yen of the Y290 it retails for. Delicious, cute, and incredibly unusual, it’s everything I love about McDonald’s in Japan!

Have a great day!

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