Yet another reason why I'm still single in Japan...

Good morning everyone,

The nice weather will continue through Saturday and now it's looking like there's a chance of rain on Sunday. It figures. I really, really need to get out and go for a run. If it's not pouring, I might be running in the rain on Sunday. It's also going to be a fair bit cooler starting from Sunday, which is expected to only get up to 21C or so.

In Japanese society, adult men are largely judged by their degree of professional success. Japan as a country smiles and proudly nods when discussing men who are owners of prosperous businesses or men who are high-flying employees of prestigious companies, because thriving economically is often equated with intelligence, dedication, and responsibility, all traits the country greatly admires.

But does the esteem for wealthy men extend to the dating pool? Internet portal My Navi Woman recently polled 133 women between the ages of 22 and 34, asking them if they could be in a serious romantic relationship with a man who earned less money then they did.

The majority of respondents, 63.2 percent, said that no, they couldn’t date a man, long-term, if he had a lower income.

Also, as mentioned above, Japanese society tends to see a strong connection between a man achieving success in his professional field and his being worthy of respect. “I think I’d start to look down on him,” theorized one respondent who said she couldn’t date a guy who made less money than she did.

Still, 36.8 percent of respondents, said that they’d be OK earning more than their boyfriend. “Money’s not everything,” one such participant reminded researchers.

Well, to be honest, this poll was of women who are in their 20s and early 30s, I'm sure you'd find that older women are even less likely to date men who earn less than them...probably because of a mix of being a bit more traditional and worrying about their retirement...

Maybe I could get a part-time job at Starbucks to pad my you think that would help?

Have a great day!

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