I'm going to get fat this weekend...well, fatter...

Good morning everyone,

Today is looking nice. It'll get up to around 23C with a mix of sun and clouds. We'll likely see some rain tomorrow and then it should be mostly fine for the weekend and into next week. It will be a bit cooler though-highs will be between 18C and 20C with overnight lows dropping down to around 10C.

But sunny and 19C is perfect weather to go to the Food Festival!

Hundreds of stalls hawking every food product from every part of Hiroshima Prefecture will gather around Hiroshima Castle and in Chuo Park for two days. As I’m sure you know, Japanese people love nothing more than a bit of food tourism, so it's going to be pretty busy. There will be thousands of people strolling along the path around the castle moat but there will also be hundreds of tents full of mouth-watering smells.

There are also boat rides around the castle-which I don't think I've ever seen before, so it's a chance to try something new. Maybe you can pay them to drop you off at a different part of the moat-that'll save you having to try and fight the crowds. They usually have a pretty small little flea market as well as some live music and kagura performances on Saturday-one around lunchtime and one later in the afternoon or early evening.

If you're vegetarian...well, don't go. If you really want to...ahh...bring a lunch.

This year will feature Hiroshima meshi. Is that a popular food in Hiroshima? I've lived here for around 10 years, but I've never heard of it...

I'm not sure if I'll be lining up for those, they look like something I could make at home...ha ha! But there are tons of other foods I'm looking forward to trying!

Maybe, I'll see you there...

Have a great day!

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Food Festa sounds nice. But I'm not sure if I will go there, because I don't like being in a crowd

Hiroshima meshi ? This word is new to me. Maybe it is a general term for "donburi , I wonder.

Speaking of "meshi", I love " Kaki -Meshi", oyster donburi.
My mother used to cook for me. It is so good !!

Re: No title

Yeah, me too. I love trying new kinds of food, but I try to avoid crowds if I can. After seeing that I can get a 'Carp Boya Passport' at the food festial, I might have to go though...ha ha!