Suddenly, an Apple Watch doesn't seem so expensive...

Good morning everyone,

Well, I'm sure there are a few Carp fans who are on edge today...don't worry! They are coming home! Go Carp!

And it's going to be a rainy's already raining, actually. It looks like it's going to continue raining all day and then it should be nice tomorrow and through the rest of the weekend. It will be cool though-my apartment is still warm, but my school already feels cool in the mornings. I may have to turn on the heat soon...especially if overnight lows are going to be around 11C, like they say are.

I've hummed and hawed about getting an Apple Watch-they're pretty useful in terms of fitness and they've got some other functions that people may use, but they're a bit pricey...around Y100,000 if you want a stylish one.

Well, that doesn't sound so bad after reading this...

Luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome recently unveiled its latest high-end timepiece, and despite its eye-popping US$20,000 price tag, this one doesn’t come with any fancy gems or precious jewels. Instead, this one prides itself on a different rarity, in the form of a smiling Pikachu.

Called the RJ X Pokémon, the watch has been created in conjunction with The Pokémon Company International for a limited production run of 20 pieces to mark the 20th anniversary of the popular gaming franchise. Paying tribute to Pokémon‘s well-known star character, Pikachu, the watch features the character, along with his yellow lightning bolt, in hand-painted yellow cold enamel.


The dial, housed inside Romain Jerome’s signature 46-millimetre Moon Invader titanium case, comes with a black baseplate displaying the engraved lightning pattern associated with the electric Pokémon, and a vulcanised rubber strap completes the look in a choice of black or bright yellow, to match the character’s signature hue.

While the Geneva-based watchmaking company is renowned for its state-of-the-art craftsmanship and high-end, Swiss-made precision,  I'm not sure I'm convinced that this watch is worth its hefty price tag. Still, it’s not the first time for Romain Jerome to dip their toes into the Japanese gaming market, having collaborated with Nintendo to release an exclusive Super Mario Bros. creation, limited to a production run of 85 pieces as a nod to the game’s 1985 release year.

Or...maybe I'll stick with the same watch I've been wearing since's been good to me so far...

Have a great day!

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