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Seeking to ride the Carp wave, Hiroshima towns and cities hope to lure visitors with 23 custom versions of the ‘Carp-boya’ mascot and baseball related prizes.

Whether they win or lose in the Japan Series, securing their first Central League pennant in 25 years is still a big deal, and Hiroshima is going to make the most of it. RCC is trying to spread the Carp love beyond the city center, where their home stadium is located, with a “Stamp Rally”.

Hiroshima prefecture is made up of 23 administrative districts (14 cities and 9 towns) and each of them has been assigned their own version of the much-loved ‘Carp-boya’ mascot. In place of his usual bat, he is brandishing a bunch of roses in the Fukuyama version, a kendama for Hatsukaichi, a cuddly submarine for Kure and he looks like he’ll hit you upside the head if you touch his sake in the Higashi-hiroshima (where ‘Sake Town’ Saijo is located) version. Many of the motifs make sense; the Onomichi Carp Boy grips some bicycle handlebars, for example. Others are a bit of a stretch; Hiroshima city’s version has him in a yukata with a towel on his head as 2 of the 3 “city” stamp spots are out in onsen town Yuki.

hiroshima red passport stamp rally booklet cover

The campaign, catchily (that's sarcasm) called the Carp x Hiroshima’s 23 Towns and Cities: Hiroshima Red Passport runs between October 29 and January 31. 5000 of the passports will be given out on each day of the Food Festival or you can can download the 16 sheet booklet from the website.

hiroshima red passport stamp rally booklet sample page

Spend ¥540 or more in any of the designated locations and you can get a stamp. Get enough stamps and you can send them in to put in a draw for the chance to win some Carp related prizes. As there are around 80 designated spots, luckily you don’t have to hit them all.



A Prize One of 5 3 day tours to the 2017 Carp spring camp in Okinawa for two people (15 stamps required)
B Prize One of 20 Carp game pair ticket and a uniform(9 stamps required)
C Prize One of 23 local products sets (6 stamps required)
D Prize One of 100 Carp cheering goods (3 stamps required)

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