I'm speechless...

Good morning everyone,

One of my wishes has come true...it looks like November 3rd is going to be a bit cooler than usual this year. (The Peace Marathon will be held that day and it's always too hot, but not this year.) Highs all week will be between 17C and 21C and overnight lows will be between 8C and 11C, and, on top of that, it's expected to be mostly sunny all week-that's almost perfect weather for running.

My other wish...that the Carp would win the Nippon Series, unfortunately did not. I knew that the Fighters were good but I thought that the Carp had a better 'team' and better bullpen. And then we won the first two games...I was sure that the Carp could win at least two more of the next 6.

Boy, was I wrong. We lost the next 4 games in a row to lose the series. Our bullpen fell apart...I know that people are going to jump on Jackson for giving up 6 runs last night-and rightly so, but he wasn't alone in his poor play this series.

Both Imamura and Nakasaki had pitching performances to forget too. What happened? Our bullpen was one of our biggest strengths all season!

Oh, well. There's no point in us fans worrying about that now. That's for the team owner/managers to worry about...

Let's remember what a great season it was and keep in mind that almost the whole team will be back next season-there's no reason to think that they can't repeat as Central League Champions in 2017.

And, of course, we should congratulate the Nippon Ham Fighters (I can't believe we lost to a team called 'ham'...) Congratulations! We'll get you next year!

Thank you to the Carp for a magical 2016 and I hope we win just two more games next year and bring the Nippon Baseball Championship home!

Have a great day everyone...remember, it is just a game after all...

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