Hidden splashes of color

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another nice warm day today. Enjoy it, because they are calling for rain tomorrow and then it'll be quite chilly the next couple of days with highs in the low to mid teens. Rain will roll in again on Friday and then it's looking seasonably warm for the weekend again.

Most of you probably haven't noticed, but I tend to wear colorful socks. I always say that it's a bit of excitement in my otherwise dull and dreary life...ha ha! Ok, so don't worry about me-my life isn't dull, but adding a hidden bit of color to your wardrobe can put a little secret bounce in your step. It's like you're defying the dress code or letting a little bit of your freedom-loving personality loose while still fitting in at work. I do it all the time with my socks and underwear.

Now women can do it with their tights...

There's a black pair called the “Adult Romance Tights”, these feature a glorious image of outer space that hides your inner space from any nosy onlookers.


The beauty of these tights lies in the fact that the exposed sections look no different to a regular pair of black stockings, which means they can be worn at work without anyone knowing about your secret universe.

The deep, dark secrets of the cosmos are only revealed from the upper thigh, while some light-blue earth-like hues keep your toes grounded on planet Earth.


And for another hidden gem, there’s a spaceman exploring the universe under the left heel!


Now they've got a white pair as well. These ones have a hidden peach motif, so if you think your bum is as cute as a peach (or if you wish it was) these ones are for you!


And these white tights include adorable peach-coloured toes and a green leaf on the heel beneath the left foot.


If you get caught out on a windy day while wearing the tights, you won’t have to suffer any embarrassment, although you’ll definitely attract attention with your round, peachy cheeks.

And nobody wants to be this woman, but if you’re going to get your skirt stuck in your underwear, these tights might just be your saving grace.


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