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It's going to be a mostly overcast day with a chance of rain this afternoon, but it'll remain warm. Tomorrow and Thursday will see the sunny weather return, but it's going to be quite chilly-both days will see highs in the low to mid teens. It should warm up a bit for the weekend, though we may see some rain on Friday.

When it comes to the female body, Japan is pretty clear on its preference-remember my blog about the most beautiful breasts in Japan? What happens, though, when you flip the question and ask Japanese respondents what part of the male body they find the most attractive?

To find out, Japanese telecommunications provider DoCoMo’s Minna no Koe Internet portal conducted a survey and sifted through the 7,940 responses to compile the following top 10 list.

10. Teeth (86 votes)

9. Feet/legs (131 votes)
While people with certain fetishes may distinguish between the foot and the leg, the Japanese language doesn’t, and sharing a single vocabulary word, ashi, means votes were pooled for these two parts. Even still, it was only 10th on the list. I guess I shouldn't worry about exercising my legs so much...

8. Stomach (190 votes)
While a set of rock -hard abs is as appreciated in Japan as anywhere, a guy might not necessarily need a six-pack to impress a woman. In fact, I've heard a few women here say that those kind of men are a bit of a turn-off...they're too narcissistic, they say.

7. Adam’s apple (200 votes) Really?! This is number 7?! Women are weird...ha ha!

6. Butt (415 votes)
Failing to crack the top five may be part of the reason alcoholic beverage provider Hakusuihsa doesn’t yet have a male version of its annual Beautiful Butt award.

5. Shoulders (593 votes)

4. Chest (1,073 votes) Flat? Muscular? Hairy? Smooth? The poll didn't say what in particular women liked about a man's chest. Probably as long as it is soft enough to lay their head on without being too soft or bony, I guess...

3. Eyes (1,291 votes) They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. This part ranked high for both men and women.

2. Arms (1,794 votes)
While the Japanese words for “leg” and “foot” are the same, the language does differentiate between arms and hands, which means that the top ranking goes to…

1. Hands/fingers (2,167 votes)


Roughly one in four respondents picked hands as the winner, showing a deep appreciation for something that’s often left out of similar lists about the female body from a man's point of view. Maybe that explains why women are always doing their nails/getting manicures. Because it is important to them, they assume that it is important to men as well. I can't speak for all men, but I appreciate a woman with nice hands.

Combined, hands/fingers and arms received 3,961 votes, a startling 49.9 percent of the total. So if you’re looking to score points with the Japanese women, you’d better be sure to regularly trim your nails.

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