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It's looking like the weather this week will be mostly nice-daytime highs will be in the high teens and the skies will be sunny or mostly sunny. We may see some rain on Saturday, but that's it. The rest of the week will be warmer than usual for this time of year. Maybe they were right about global warming...just don't tell President-elect Donald Trump-he still denies it.

We men devote much of our lives to wondering about what women think about us. Do they prefer short men or tall men? Do they prefer dark hair or light hair?  

But perhaps the most important question of all is the age-old one: do women prefer a man who is handsome but poor, or a man who is ugly but rich? Unfortunately those of us who are neither handsome nor rich are left out of the equation, but even still, the question remains.

To get the most honest answer possible, one women’s bathroom in Japan set up an interesting polling method: asking women to “vote” for the man they’d prefer by using the toilet paper roll from that side.

▼ The question asks: “who would you date?”
Left side is “poor but super-handsome” and right side is “super-rich but ugly.”
toilet paper roll

Well, unfortunately for those who are blessed with a pretty face but no cash, the left side seems to be hardly used. The right side, however, is down to the end of the roll. Good news for those loaded with cash but not good looks, I suppose?

Who would you vote for with your toilet paper? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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