Starbucks is at it again with another new drink to try...

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It's going to be grey and overcast the next couple of days-I'm hoping it doesn't rain for at least a week, because it's going to take that long for my rain gear to dry out...ha ha! We've got three or four days of cool weather ahead of us too-the highs today and tomorrow will be around 10C, but it'll slowly get warmer and warmer and by this time next week they are calling for a high of 17C!

You know you’ve got a winning product when you don’t even have to officially advertise it to draw attention. That’s exactly what Starbucks Japan has been doing lately, with last month’s custard puddings, and now again with their latest Frappuccino release, the Matcha White Chocolate, which were only advertised on hand-written notices in stores a few days before the official release.

 With such a loyal fan base, Starbucks is letting their customers do the advertising for them, as people quickly began sharing and retweeting images of the notices before the beverages went on sale today.

Given that Starbucks Japan recently dedicated a lot of official advertising to promoting their delicious lineup of “holiday beverages“, this quieter, more under-the-radar release is less likely to steal the spotlight from their annual festive drink range. At the same time, however, the hush-hush nature of the Matcha White Chocolate arrival has generated a huge amount of excitement amongst customers, many of whom were surprised to see the new drinks when they suddenly graced a number of social media posts today.

The two new drinks available are: the Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino which has a creamy, mild bittersweet flavour…


…and the hot Matcha White Chocolate, which has a beautiful, frothy green appearance. The hot milk and white chocolate base bring a luxurious richness to the bitter green tea flavour.


After a few hours of being sold, Starbucks finally released their own Tweet about the new beverages, saying they were designed to be a “pre-Christmas surprise”. The tweet was immediately liked and retweeted thousands of times.

These drinks won’t be around for long though, so be sure to stop by Starbucks for a taste of matcha white chocolate before they disappear from stores on 25 December. After that, we’ll have to go back to waiting for more secret news to be leaked ahead of their next Frappuccino release! Or we could do what all poor English teachers do and go to Doutour for a cup of nice, black coffee at about one-third of the price of Starbucks, and it has the added benefit of actually tasting like coffee. Don't get me wrong-that White Chocolate Frappucino looks great! I might even try it, but if I do I'll need a cup of coffee to go with it. It's more like a dessert than a drink, don't you think?

Have a great day! And if you try one, let me know how it was!

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