Champagne flavored sweets are coming our way!

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I think I might have to try a new weather service. I had no idea we were going to get rain all day yesterday. The weather site I check, said it was supposed to be seems like it's been wrong more often than it's right these days. Well, we'll give it another chance, the weather has been a bit strange this year, to say the least. Today and the rest of the week is looking nice-mostly sunny skies, overnight lows around 4C and daytime highs hovering between 11C and 14C.
Glico, the Japanese confectionery company who brought us world-famous Pocky chocolate sticks, has just announced it will be seeing in the New Year period like many of us will be – with the addition of some bubbly champers.

Their new champagne range, which extends to three of their most popular chocolate-based sweets, is the result of a carefully crafted collaboration with Hironobu Tsujiguchi, one of Japan’s leading pastry chefs, who’s well-known around the country for his multi-award winning pastries and chocolates. Having become the youngest-ever winner of the all-Japan patisserie artisan contest at the tender age of 23, the now 49-year-old is using his skills to take some of Glico’s most popular products into new territory.

Glico’s Almond Premio chocolates will now be enhanced with the addition of champagne, which is said to create a refreshing taste and fragrance when combined with the milk chocolate-covered almond pieces.


The bubble-filled Caplico is a perfect partner for champagne, which brings a sense of luxury to the aerated chocolate snack. Enjoying the taste of champagne while biting into the crunchy cone is bound to be a fun experience.


The champagne-flavoured Pocky will be 1.4 times longer than a standard Pocky, to create a fine balance between alcohol and chocolate in each serving. These are said to contain a fruity champagne flavour and aroma.


With each of the items in the collection containing approximately 0.1 percent alcohol, you'd better wait till you get home before trying them, given that the country abides by a strict zero-percent alcohol policy on the roads...ha ha! Seriously though, I wonder if eating these or other alcohol-related snacks would have enough alcohol to get you into trouble with the Japanese police...

These sweets are only available for a limited time and will be on sale at stores and supermarkets around the country from 3 January. While I won't be getting out of bed early or lining up anywhere to get these, I'll definitely keep my eye out for them. How about you? Do any of them look tempting?

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