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Good morning everyone,

It's going to be a pretty nice day today-it'll be mostly sunny with a high of 13C and it's going to be the warmest day this week. Actually, the daytime highs won't be too bad-they'll be between 10C and 12C all week. It's the overnight lows that are going to be a lot different from what we've been experiencing so far this winter. Overnight lows are going to be around 0C all week! That's pretty chilly-I'm guessing those of you living on or near mountains will be getting some snow too, so be careful if you're out walking in the mornings.

There really is a pretty simple and easy way to make your coffee taste way yummier, and it’s straight from the wisdom of my dad. You won’t need any fancy Hello Kitty shaped coffee beans to pull this off (especially since I just made up the existence of Hello Kitty shaped coffee beans), just your regular coffee and some water. So, what’s the magic trick?

Most of us, including me, are under the impression that instant coffee tastes pretty much the same no matter how it’s brewed. That is, until I found myself having the following conversation with y coffee-loving father:

Father: If you mix the coffee granules with cold water before adding in hot water, you can make instant coffee taste like the real thing.

Jerry: What? As if! That’s totally not possible!

Father: Fine, if you don’t believe me, then try it yourself. It totally makes it more delicious. *smug face* (if you're not sure what a 'smug face' is, imagine Donald Trump.)

Of course, I had to find out the truth about this dubious-sounding coffee hack. First, I gathered everything I’d need for the experiment:


1 teaspoon instant coffee of choice

1 teaspoon cold water

1 coffee cup

140cl of freshly boiled hot water

Method: Add teaspoon of coffee granules and teaspoon of cold water to coffee cup. Mix until all the granules have melted. Then pour in the hot water. That’s it!

I was shocked (and perhaps a little annoyed) to find that my dad was absolutely right! The aroma and flavour of the instant coffee seemed in some way more pleasant than usual. I guessed the use of cold water to break down the coffee granules before adding in hot water was the reason for the significant difference.

It turns out that there’s a scientific explanation behind this coffee hack. On the NHK program “Tameshite Gatten”, it was found that adding hot water directly to instant coffee granules causes the amylum contained within them to harden, giving off a “powdery” flavour. Mixing the granules with cold water first allows the granules to dissolve more gently, creating a more flavoursome and aromatic cup of joe.

Did you already know about this trick before reading this? Are there any other methods you use to make your coffee extra-yummy? Personally I'd like to add some character sweets to have with my coffee. Everything tastes better with cute characters on them, after all. Right?

Have a great day!

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