Differences between being 18 and being 81

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Getting older is tough. Your body isn’t as limber as it used to be, and your mind isn’t quite as sharp. But at the same time, you also gain something very important as you age: life experience. This lets you have a wider perspective on things, relax, and just go with the flow more often.

It also allows you to look back on life and create some pretty funny comparisons to your younger self. One lady on twitter did just that when she posted this list of seven differences between being 18 years old versus 81 years old:

“These differences between 18 and 81 are so true lol.”

● 18-year-olds fall in love, 81-year-olds fall in the bathtub.
● 18-year-olds drive on the wrong side of the law, 81-year-olds drive on the wrong side of the road.
● 18-year-olds have fragile hearts, 81-year-olds have fragile bones.
● 18-year-olds care about their school record, 81-year-olds care about their medical record.
● 18-year-olds don’t know anything yet, 81-year-olds don’t remember anything anymore.
● 18-year-olds want to go to the Tokyo Olympics, 81-year-olds want to live until the Tokyo Olympics.
● 18-year-olds are trying to find themselves, 81-year-olds have people trying to find them.

As terrible as we feel finding these funny, we still have to admit that we laughed. And it seems we weren’t alone. Here are some reactions from other people online:

“Terrible! But I still liked it.”
“Haha, oh this is too relatable for me.”
“Oh god my sides hurt from laughing.”
“Don’t laugh! It’s going to happen to you someday!”

Admit it! You laughed a little too, didn't you?

While that last comment is true, and we should all be so lucky to live long enough to even have these problems, Japan has shown us time after time that their elderly are just as energetic as their youth. Maybe we should change the list to “differences between being 81 and 118”?

Have a great day!

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