One new Haagen Dazs flavor...and one old flavor is back

Good morning everyone,

It is going to be a bit warmer out there today and for Wednesday and Thursday as well. All three days will see highs of around 9C and overnight lows around 1C. Friday is looking like snow and the weekend is going to be colder, with daytime highs around 6C or 7C.

With that forecast, it probably isn't the best time to talk about ice cream, but how can you resist Haagen Dazs? 

This year will be the third time that Häagen-Dazs will be releasing ice cream flavors in their “hana-mochi” series, which feature soft, milky ice cream paired with chewy mochi, a traditional Japanese rice-based food that’s used to make a variety of sticky sweets.

It’s been over a year since the last release, one of which combined mochi ice cream with kinako soybean powder and kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup), and another which was a mix of walnut and mitarashi sweet soy sauce glaze, both of which were amazingly delicious. This year, on February 28, kinako with brown sugar syrup will be back, along with a new flavor pairing: walnut and black sesame!


The new flavor, called goma kurumi, stars an ice cream base mixed with mellow white sesame paste and chunks of flavorful walnuts. The distinct aroma of black sesame in sweet syrupy form completes the nutty flavor combination, and the whole thing is topped with a slice of sticky mochi. To some of you, black sesame may not seem like a flavor that belongs in a sweet dessert, but it’s commonly found in many Japanese confections and is surprisingly delicious. I definitely can’t wait to try this one when it comes out!


Much to my pleasant surprise, kinako kuromitsu will be back again for another round! The subtle nutty flavor of kinako (a slightly-sweet soybean powder) pairs well with the rich sweetness of kuromitsu brown sugar syrup. If you missed tasting it for yourself last  year, this is your chance! Both flavors will be sold for Y272 per cup from the end of February. Hopefully it'll be a bit warmer by then...

Have a great day and keep warm!

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