What no Canada?!

Good morning everyone,

Well, the forecast has taken a turn for the better...for me anyway. Today and tomorrow are now expected to be a mix of sun and clouds. Tomorrow will be a bit sunnier but cooler with a  high of 6C with today's high being 9C. The rest of the week isn't looking too bad...chilly but sunny until Friday.

Recently, 30-something Japanese women actively seeking a marriage partner were interviewed to see what nationality they would most like to father their children.

Here are the top five results with a comment from an interviewee on why they want their baby daddy to be from overseas, their own language skills notwithstanding (ok...so maybe the comments are made up by me...I thought it'd be a bit funnier that way, but the results are real)

5. England
“The most gentlemanly country in the world has got to be England. So if you are getting married with kids in mind, then an English gentleman would be a good choice. Like Professor Layton from that game series, I’m waiting for the Englishman who can solve the mystery of my heart!”

4. Germany
“Germany has long been number one at churning out smarties like Ferdinand Braun, who invented the cathode-ray tube. While they do seem to like beer a bit too much, German kids are intelligent and good-looking, kids a mom could really be proud of. I wonder if there is a German guy out there for me who could be at times as passionately unstoppable as a Panzer tank and at other times hold me as comfortably as the seats in a Benz…”

3. Italy
“The country that really knows how to treat ladies is without a doubt Italy! If I were married to an Italian guy, not only would be have fun together, but we could raise cheerful, chatty kids. Like Girolamo Panzetta, I want my kid to be a little bit of a bad boy, rich and manly!”

2. France
“France is the most fashionable country in the world! If the father was an artistic Frenchman, the kids he would father would have to be amazing. Aren’t elegant people overflowing with ambition like Napoleon the best? I want to fly into his arms, shouting ‘Put out the fires of revolution in my heart, you military genius!'”

And a drum roll for the number one choice, please…

1. America!
“Well, the men of the world’s only superpower have to be the best. Especially if I could have a talented cutie like Justin Bieber as a kid [Apparently, she was unaware that the Beebs is actually a Canuck.], that would be so great. I can just imagine my life baking cherry pies every day in Beverly Hills, surrounded by a gaggle of blond kids… Man, that would be great.”

Well, there you have it, folks, the most desired nationalities for 30-something Japanese women desperate to get married and have kids. My country didn’t make the list, but I don’t feel that bad. To be honest, if these women are any example, I’d say I dodged a bullet...ha ha!

How about you? Would you have the same choice as your number one? 

Have a great day!

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